Your Universal Credit account

IMPORTANT: If your contact details change, you must notify your Work Coach on the Journal so you do not miss any instructions.

IMPORTANT: you must notify of any changes in circumstances as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on any extra benefit and to avoid overpayments.

Once you have successfully started your Universal Credit claim, you will be able to manage it via your online account.

There are three areas in your Universal Credit account.

The ‘to do’ area lists ongoing actions you must do in order to comply with the claim and any ‘work related activity’ that you are required to do. You will receive notifications of these actions by email or text – which you will have chosen when you set up your account. So it is important to update any change to your email address or phone numner on your UC account.

The ‘journal’ area lists your completed actions, allows you to start a conversation with your Work Coach and records that conversation.

The ‘home’ area provides information about your claim and award. It summarises your claim, your monthly payments and how it has been calculated.