Medical Assessments

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, the DWP took the precautionary decision to temporarily suspend all face-to-face assessments for health and disability-related benefits.  The DWP have re-introduced medical assessments and reviews, but most are being arranged by telephone/video.

If you are awaiting a date for a medical assessment appointment but do not have a date for an assessment appointment, you do not need to do anything. You will be contacted shortly by telephone or letter to let you know what will happen next.

Can another person be added to the phone/video call to support me?

Yes. If you would like to have a family member or friend present during the telephone/video
assessment, for moral support, or to help them with explaining your difficulties, then that is

If that person is not able to be with the claimant in person at the time of the telephone call (eg if
they do not live nearby), they will need to let the company which is planning to carry out the
telephone assessment (Health Assessment Advisory Service, Independent Assessment Services or
Capita) in advance of the telephone appointment so that they can be added to the call (a 3 way call).

What if I miss my telephone appointment?

Failure to attend without a good reason could mean that the Work Capability Process is stopped, if
you have been getting a LCW or LCWRA Element included in your UC award then this could be lost.

But this should not happen until an attempt to contact you has been made so that you can explain
why you did not, or could not attend or participate in the assessment and where good cause is
provided and accepted, a further appointment date will be set.

WARNING: There are many scams…..people trying to get you to tell them your bank account details. If you receive a call from someone saying they work for the DWP and asking for your bank account details, ask the caller to post a specific form of words into your Universal Credit journal so you can be sure it’s them.

The DWP regularly produce guidance or introduce new measures that may change the information on these pages. Please check back regularly for updates on the arrangements the DWP is making to support those who are affected by Coronavirus.