Deductions from your Universal Credit Payment

Certain deductions from your Universal Credit to recover some overpayments or debt were suspended from end of March to end of June, but recovery has re-stated.. 

The debts that were suspended included previous DWP benefit overpayments, and Housing Benefit overpayments, Tax Credit overpayments and Social Fund loans that were being recovered through your Universal Credit award.

So if you have one of these debts, you will find that you have to start making repayments again.

Any money that was being taken from your Universal Credit to repay these debts, but stopped being taken, is also being taken again

If you have one of these debts and you are repaying it by way of a voluntary debt repayment, recovery by Direct Earnings Attachments or private sector debt collection agency, then these have also re-started.

Other debts were not suspended, including Universal Credit Advances, and third party deductions for rent arrears, council tax arrears and utility bills.

Advice on money and debt

You can get advice from:

WARNING: There are many scams…..people trying to get you to tell them your bank account details. If you receive a call from someone saying they work for the DWP and asking for your bank account details, ask the caller to post a specific form of words into your Universal Credit journal so you can be sure it’s them.

The DWP regularly produce guidance or introduce new measures that may change the information on these pages. Please check back regularly for updates on the arrangements the DWP is making to support those who are affected by Coronavirus.