Already on Universal Credit

Already on Universal Credit

If you are already receiving Universal Credit you will continue to receive your current payments as normal, although the amount may change to take account of any change in your income or circumstances.

If you have seen a drop in your income then your UC award will take account of this.

If you are going to struggle until you receive your next UC payment you may be able to apply for a Change in Circumstances Advance.
See Need extra financial help for more information.

Nigel and Linette were already on Universal Credit when Nigel’s hours reduced. Their Universal Credit payments automatically increased due to his drop in earnings.
Although the increase in their Universal Credit payments has not covered all the loss in earnings, their travel costs have dropped and they’ve managed to cut back in other areas and so are managing to keep on top of all their bills and rent at the moment.

WARNING: There are many scams…..people trying to get you to tell them your bank account details. If you receive a call from someone saying they work for the DWP and asking for your bank account details, ask the caller to post a specific form of words into your Universal Credit journal so you can be sure it’s them.

The DWP regularly produce guidance or introduce new measures that may change the information on these pages. Please check back regularly for updates on the arrangements the DWP is making to support those who are affected by Coronavirus.