Claiming as a couple

Couples Claiming Universal Credit

If you are part of a couple, you and your partner will need to make a joint claim for Universal Credit.

You will each need to create a Universal Credit online account, and then go on to make a claim for Universal Credit. The first member of the couple to make their claim will be given a partner code, which will be displayed on screen – they need to make sure they make a note of this.

They should give this code to their partner who will input it when they make their claim for Universal Credit.

This ensures the claims are joined together and you are correctly claiming as a couple.

IMPORTANT: Your joint claim will not start until you have both submitted your separate claims, so try and make your claims as soon as you need to.

Sharon and Ian need to make a new claim for Universal Credit as they have both been laid off from a local electronics firm. Sharon makes her claim on 17th July – and is given a ‘partner code’ that she notes down and gives to Ian. Ian doesn’t make his claim until a week later, on 24th July. Their Universal Credit claim will not have been submitted until both of them completed their online claims – so it will start from 24th July.