How Much Overview

The Basics

Your Universal Credit is a single payment that is made up of different amounts depending on your circumstances. It is assessed every month, at the end of your Monthly Assessment Period.

This assessment will take into account:

  • Any earnings you or your partner received during that Assessment Period.
  • Any other income that you received (unless ignored).
  • Your personal circumstances on the date of the assessment.

As your income and circumstances change, so will the amount of your UC award.

There are four steps to working out how much Universal Credit you will be paid

  1. Work out the maximum Universal Credit you could get (Click here)
  2. Reduce by any income you have coming in (unless ignored (Click here)
  3. Check to see if this should be reduced by the Benefit Cap (Click here)
  4. Reduce by any deductions for Advances, debts, overpayments etc (Click here)