If your payment reduces

Your Universal Credit award might be reduced if:

  • You’re working and you’ve earned more money in an Assessment Period.
    See How income affects an award for more information.
  • You’ve started to receive some income – for example, a works pension.
    See How income affects an award for more information.
  • You’ve reported a change of circumstances that means you’re entitled to less – for example, you’ve moved home and your rent is cheaper than before.
    See How will a change affect my award? for more information.
  • You’ve been sanctioned.
    See I’ve been sanctioned for more information.
  • A deduction is being made, for example, to repay an Advance, overpayment, court fine or ‘third party deduction’ because you owe your landlord, council or utility company money.
    See Deductions for more information.

If you think your payment is wrong

You should call the Universal Credit Helpline or ask for an explanation using your online account if you have one.

You should do this if:

  • Your payment is less than you expected and you haven’t been told why.
  • You think there’s been a mistake with how your Universal Credit has been worked out.

It’s a good idea to explain what you think has gone wrong and give some evidence of the mistake if you can.

Contact a Benefits Adviser for help.