I work and get Working Tax Credit – what do these changes mean to me?

Certain changes in your circumstances, such as finishing work or taking on a new partner may mean you have to make a claim for Universal Credit instead. But if you do not have a change in circumstances which means you need to claim Universal Credit you may not need to move onto Universal Credit until at least 2019.

But if you want to move onto Universal Credit you can do so – you do not need to wait until a change in your circumstances means you have to (unless you have 3 or more children). So, you could get advice to check if you would be better off on Universal Credit – but seek advice before making any decisions!

Universal Credit will be paid to you on a monthly basis and as your earnings change the amount of Universal Credit will also change, so you may get paid different amounts every month. This means you will have to think ahead to manage your bills and rent.

If you are getting help with child care costs these can continue to be supported through Universal Credit, although only child care that you have paid to enable you to work will be considered (ie not child care for a day you do not normally work).